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Straight-Through Processing Fuels Bottom-Line Improvements of Up to 20%  

Enhancing your operational workflows with straight-through processing can revolutionize patient care and result in practical benefits for your entire team. 

Are you ready to upgrade your healthcare software experience with straight-through processing?


Straight-through processing (STP) for healthcare and medical billing software is a systematic approach to digitizing, automating, and streamlining administrative and clinical tasks. 

When implemented correctly, STP maximizes operational intelligence and enables complete workflow automation. 

Royal Solutions Group has harnessed this tech to reengineer healthcare operations for productivity, efficiency, and patient satisfaction. With STP, we've seen healthcare providers achieve bottom-line improvements of up to 20 percent.

Want to see similar benefits? 

Understanding how information moves within your healthcare organization is the first step. We compiled our knowledge and experience into a comprehensive white paper, How Information Moves: Straight-Through Processing in Healthcare.

Download this resource today to start your journey toward a more efficient, patient-focused healthcare workflow.

“Royal is … innovative, they are smart, they are genuinely good people. It’s not a transactional relationship—it’s a transformational and partnership relationship, which is really important to me.” 

Jessica Montgomery – COO, California Medical Business Services