Patient Engagement Radiology Runs on Royal

A complete suite of self-service workflows designed to engage the patient throughout the entire radiology lifecycle!


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Self-service workflow

A complete suite of self-service workflows designed to engage the patient throughout the entire Radiology lifecycle.

Transform the patient experience, improve care, accelerate revenue and address long-standing inefficiencies in screening, scheduling, and technologist workflows with Royal's patient engagement solutions.

Check-in time
reduced by 80%.


Patient Portal

Self-schedule their own exam and complete all registration paperwork (Not Paper!) from the comfort of their own home or mobile device and provide medical history through Royal’s Patient Portal well in advance of exam date.

The platform automatically alerts your staff to any contraindications or other flags of importance to you.

Schedule the exam
Chat with your staff
View images from your PACS
Send images and reports securely to family or other providers
View patient-friendly reports
Schedule recommended follow-up exams




Automatically engage with your patients and providers delivering status updates from the moment an imaging order is received through payments collected. Our completely customizable engagement campaigns allow you to connect on any platform as often as you see fit.

Portal status updates | Mobile app | Text | Robo-call | Email | Direct message | USPS

  • Schedule exam with a one-time use link
  • Pre-register for an exam

  • Prepare for an exam
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Estimate charges so no surprises at exam time
  • Notification that results are available
  • Notification of payments due
  • Any messaging you can imagine

Benefit Management

Provide patients with highly accurate estimates of what their out-of-pocket expenses will be and pay their bill from home or from any smart device prior to their visit, significantly reducing overhead and costly no-shows.



Patient Kiosk

Patients can completely self-check-in with Royal’s patient kiosk and unique C-arm style enclosures in under 60 seconds. Completely paperless. Never hand out a clipboard again. We never ask a redundant question because when Royal knows the information anywhere, we know it everywhere.

For patients uncomfortable with technology, your staff has the time to give them 100% of the attention they deserve.


20% bottom line improvement

Royal’s Kiosks never forget to ask for time-of-service payment for patients who didn’t pay their co-pay early.



Accelerate Revenue

Royal knows that accurate billing is part of patient care as well as being essential to the health of you practice.  That’s why we get it right the first time and eliminate rework due to inaccurate information.  Royal straight-through processes everything to do with collecting the right amount from payers and patients.

Real-time eligibility checks at time of scheduling and any other time you choose
Automated prior-authorizations via integrated Ai solutions and FastBot technology

Accurate estimations using the power of eight independent clearing houses

Automatically engaging with patients at the point of scheduling, at the point of registration, and at the point of billing

Increased 20%