Self-Service Enterprise Radiology Runs on Royal

Our operational intelligence automates the provider, patient, and payer workflows



Accelerated Revenue

Royal’s operational intelligence automates the patient and payer coordination of responsibility. Royal knows that accurate billing is part of patient care as well as being essential to the health of your practice.  That’s why we get it right the first time and eliminate rework caused by inaccurate information.

  • Upfront payment workflows
  • Clearinghouse enrollment
  • Eligibility checks
  • Accurate Estimations
Royal straight-through processes everything to do with

Collecting the right amount from payers and patients!

  • Secure credit card transactions
  • Web and mobile payments
  • Payment plans and reminders



Royal Care

RIS Reimagined! Royal’s mission is automate and straight-through process every step of practice operations that can be digital so that your staff can give the compassionate care that your patients deserve.  Royal has automated every step

Orders are not lost
Exams are scheduled on the right equipment
Your receptionists can help those most in need of assistance
Your technologists won’t forget to provide all relevant clinical information
Your billing will be the cleanest in the industry



Automated Clinical Workflow

Completing medical forms digitally is the most complete and efficient way for providers, patients, and technologists to record clinical and demographic information. Royal’s fully integrated Kiosk technology enables online and onsite data entry and eliminates redundant effort. No more clipboards and only ask for new information because when the Royal system knows information anywhere, it knows it everywhere.. No more clipboards!!




Automatically engage with your patients and providers delivering status updates from the moment an imaging order is received through payments collected. Our completely customizable engagement campaigns allow you to connect on any platform as often as you see fit.

Portal status updates | Mobile app | Text | Robo-call | Email | Direct message | USPS

  • Order exams electronically
  • Schedule exam with a one-time use link
  • Pre-register for an exam
  • Prepare for an exam
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Estimate charges so no surprises at exam time
  • Notification that their results are available
  • Notification of payments due
  • Any messaging you can imagine


Royal Software Suite


From the beginning, one of Royal’s core competencies has been the ability to Interface with virtually any other system. If you need a phased approach to converting systems to Royal, we have no problem building interfaces with existing systems.

Send electronic orders directly from provider’s existing EMR
No problem
Deliver clinical information directly into existing PACS
No problem
Deliver clinical information directly into existing voice recognition system
No problem
Deliver billing information directly to existing billing vendor
No problem

No problem building interfaces with existing systems!

Royal Solutions

Business Intelligence!

The old adage that you can’t manage what you don’t measure has never been truer.  Royal analytics gives you insight into every aspect of your practice so that you can manage more efficiently and more profitably.

From order-to-scan conversion rates to days in accounts receivable to patient wait times, Royal gives you clear vision to manage your practice.