RoyalPay® at the Kiosk

The fully integrated suite of RoyalPay® solutions accurately confirms eligibility and estimates patient responsibility. Credit card payments at the time of service made on the patient kiosk lead to significantly higher time of service collections. With RoyalPay®, you begin with collections in mind.

The leader in healthcare consumer engagement

By applying real-time self-service automation on the patient kiosk Royal delivers on the promise of true automation for your Radiology practice.

Contactless self-registration at time of service significantly shortens check in time.
Presentation of co-pay amounts on the kiosk significantly increases time of service collections.
Information collected from the patient on the kiosk is available throughout the system.


Measurable Outcomes


Self-service registration

95% patient utilization of self-service registration


Patient check-in time

75% reduction in patient check-in time - from an average of 20 minutes to 5 minutes


Automated data transfer

100% automated data transfer to existing systems



3x to 5x increase in pre-service and time-of-service collections


Patient no-shows

33% reduction in patient no-shows


Completed exam rate

95% completed exam rate when patients pre-register

Straight-Through Processing at the Point of Care.

Straight-through processing (STP) has it's origins in the financial industry. STP in healthcare is enabled when every part of the customer journey is managed with real-time, self-service automation to remove human error. Designed to engage the patient throughout the entire radiology workflow, Royal delivers straight-through processing workflows with kiosks, just like an ATM.

Paper reduced 90%

Royal's contactless and paperless kiosks eliminates paperwork and information is never lost. No more clipboards.