RoyalRx™ Scheduling

RoyalRx™ Scheduling

Royal's advanced algorithms assure that the correct exam is scheduled on the correct machine at the right facility at the right time, in less time

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Self-Scheduling Uses

Patients self-schedule all modalities under any condition.


Must be 3T? Yes!
MRI or PET/CT? Yes!
Hoyer lift needed? Yes!
Mammo and DEXA? Yes!
NM with an Injection? Yes!

Automate and Optimize Clinical Workflows

Apply operational intelligence to priors research, registration, screening, automated document mangement and exam protocols.



Clinical Workflows

Give your technologists more time for patient care.

Royal's clinical workflows assure that the right patient is scanned on the right equipment with the right protocol in less time.

Patient Experience

Empower your patients 


Medical Shield

Patients can self-schedule, pre-register, confidently pay at time of service, view images and reports - all on their own time and own place.

Royal Suite

Presenting a holistic approach to the imaging lifecycle.

Order entry, scheduling, insurance authorization, registration, time of service collections, clinical workflow, report and image distribution, and Revenue Cycle Management all on one platform!


Royal Care™ RIS

Enable your practice to give your patients what no Computer can!

The Royal information system uses operational intelligence and smart workflows to automate the data so you can humanize the patient experience.

RoyalMD® Provider Prime

A powerful connection to your  referring providers!

The Royal platform gives your referring providers the information and confidence they need to deliver outstanding care.

Straight-Through Processing in Radiology.

Straight-through processing (STP) has its origins in the financial industry. STP in radiology is enabled when every part of the customer journey is managed with real-time, self-service automation to remove human error. Royal RIS is designed to enable the patient, provider, and clinical staff throughout the entire radiology workflow.

25% Increase in Schedule-to-Scan Rate.

Royal's industry leading scheduling algorithm, whether self-scheduling or call center, leads to an increased schedule to scan rates, fewer no shows, and higher satisfaction.