RoyalPay® Patient Payments

align each step of workflow revenue cycle awareness

A clean order received

Instant eligibility confirmation

Industry leading estimation accuracy

Increased time of service collections

Automated prior-authorization

Complete and accurate clinical information

Royal Revenue™ Medical Billing

clean workflows means clean claims that are paid quickly

Automated claim submission

Ai powered certified professional coding

Automated fee schedule maintenance

Statement services

Lockbox services


Accurate billing with no surprises is essential to the positive patient experience.

Royal empowers patients by engaging them at the onset about their financial responsibility
Revenue Cycle Begins at Order Entry

Collecting the right amount from payers and patients by getting it right the first time!

Royal sweats the details up front to assure clean claims on the back and accurate time of service collections. Clients have increased TOS collections 250%.

  • Upfront payment workflows

  • Clearinghouse enrollment

  • Eligibility checks

  • Accurate Estimations

  • Secure credit card transactions

  • Web and mobile payments

  • Payment plans and reminders

  • Claim submission

Straight-Through Processing in Billing.

Straight-through processing (STP) has it's origins in the financial industry. STP in healthcare billing is enabled when every part of the customer journey is managed with real-time, self-service automation to remove human error. Designed to engage the patient and the provider throughout the entire radiology workflow, Royal delivers straight-through processing workflows to medical billing, achieving the true promise of self-service.

250% Increase In Time of Service Collections.

Accurate estimates and the enhanced patient experience lead to no surprises and a significant increase in time of service collections.