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Radiology Runs on Royal


Central Oregon Radiology Assoc Elevates Ordering Provider Experience by Successfully Deploying RoyalMD® Provider Prime Embedded with Clinical Decision Support

BEND, Ore., October 27, 2020 | View Full Article

Central Oregon Radiology Assoc P.C. (CORA) has taken physician engagement to the next level by deploying RoyalMD® Provider Prime, the leader in referral management experience. Ordering physicians and referral coordinators utilizing CORA’s state of the art imaging facilities now have access to a secure, web-based, single-pane-of-glass portal that provides order transparency, exam status and electronic notifications as their patients move through the imaging experience.  Physicians can also receive results and images and communicate instantly and securely with the clinical community, in the office, or on the go, with RoyalMD® Mobile


Embedded in this seamless ordering experience is a carefully crafted decision support workflow designed to evaluate exam appropriateness and thereby improve patient care.  Adding these solutions to their existing Royal Enterprise Care™ environment, CORA continues to transform patient and provider engagement, optimize enterprise workflows, and improve patient care and safety. 

The efficiency and interoperability of RoyalMD®, along with RoyalHUB®, increases provider loyalty, while saving time and resources for every stakeholder in the healthcare workstream.  The referring physician can consult in real-time, viewing and manipulating images from different locations regardless of host systems.  Such enriched communication and functionality promote straight through processing (STP) and improved patient quality of care. 

"Of most importance is our physicians having the assurance that their patient orders are processed and managed from entry to patient arrival and completion. Royal checks all the boxes, referring offices know the status of their order without having to call, the experience comes complete with ordering, images, results and notifications that maintains the market leading confidence in our imaging”, says Dennis Carter, CEO of CORA. “The system's clear and concise format is not only time saving it is just sound patient care."

“Provider Prime exposes, what we see as required, transparency for the referring community.  In partnership with CORA, physicians can submit qualified orders and monitor the patient in real-time, which saves precious time and minimizes follow-up calls,” says Peter Nassif, Chief Executive at Royal.  “The ability to break-glass and search patient history at an imaging center gives the physician real-time, electronic access to prior images and results.  It was game-changer 10 years ago at inception; we are excited how RoyalMD® will continue to improve collaborative patient care for the next decade and are ready to meet the government’s mandate with ease for everyone’s imaging needs.”